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You see a vehicle that you like but don't have the funds to buy it right now? Don't worry we got you covered with Hayes Financing!

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Read more down below for an example Financing option.


Example Car Finance

Contract of Sale

Viktor Johansen will be called seller and (Buyers name) will be called buyer for short in the following contract.

Seller resident of Conflict RP city, hereby certify that Hayes Auto is the current owner of the vehicle:
Year: 2020  Make: Audi   Model: RS7
and have the authority to sell it. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of 
£ 6000000, six million British pounds in the form of bank transfer from
......(Buyers name and phone number + Perm ID)...... transferred to the following number .......... owned by ............ (Senior Salesman of Hayes Auto) resident of Conflict RP city. 

Seller has agreed to Finance the vehicle to the buyer as follows:
Full Price 6,000,000, six million British pounds of which 2,000,000, two million British pounds will be payer on ..(date).. followed by payment of 4,000,000, four million British pounds and interest rate of ..(%).. within ..(date).. . If the buyer fails to provide the full amount by the ..(date).. he will be summoned to court of law and own additional (%,money) to the Buyer.


Both Parties are aware of this contract and agree on all the taxes and prices that bounds them to this deal.


Viktor Johansen (Senior Salesman for Hayes Auto) ______________________

Buyers Name (Citizen of Conflict RP) ____________________